The 10 Decisions That Turned ‘Little Women’ Into a Modern Movie Classic

It seems obvious now, after the 2018 success of auto-fiction “Lady Bird” — which earned five Oscar nominations, including the fifth nod for a woman for Best Director — that Greta Gerwig was the perfect match to write and direct Sony’s latest movie adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s 19th century classic “Little Women.” But back in 2015, Gerwig was best known as a New York actress who starred in the giddy New York romantic comedy “Frances Ha,” which she wrote with partner Noah Baumbach.Here are the key decisions that turned “Little Women” from a gleam in the eye of then-Sony chairman Amy Pascal, who eventually produced the movie, into the well-reviewed Oscar contender that opens nationwide on Christmas Day.Read More: Women Directors Were Snubbed at the Globes But Their Movies Still Have a Shot in the Oscar Race1.

Greta Gerwig got into the room to pitch.When Gerwig’s agent

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