‘The Americans’ Review: The Most Brutal Scene of Season 6 Isn’t Even the Most Memorable in a Charged Episode 7

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “The Americans” Season 6, Episode 7, “Harvest.”]Does everyone remember “the suitcase”? No? Is that because “Americans” viewers are freshly scarred from its surprise sequel, “the axe”? Before “Harvest” even began, it felt like the seventh episode of Season 6 was building up to something big; with Philip (Matthew Rhys) reluctantly coming out of retirement to help Elizabeth (Keri Russell) on a dangerous mission, anything could happen.And as is customary with “The Americans,” the unexpected development wasn’t a big reveal or a major death, but two scenes of incredible power: One was “the axe,” where Philip dismembers a dead agent’s body in order to hide her identity from the FBI.

The other was a result of their failed mission, as Stan (Noah Emmerich) grows more and more suspicious of his regularly absent neighbors and decides to poke around their house.Though Philip using an emergency axe to chop a human

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