The Art Of Star Wars: The High Republic Author Kristin Baver On Organization And Execution [Exclusive Interview]

Kristin Baver is a very public face at Lucasfilm these days.

Beginning as a writer for, she’s worked her way up to the face of the “Star Wars” news show and has written several books about the franchise.

Her first was the in-universe biography of the Skywalker family, “Star Wars: Skywalker — A Family at War.” Her most recent foray into the world of “Star Wars” was overseeing the writing of “Star Wars: The Art of the High Republic,” a tome that chronicles the unusual work of art output for a “Star Wars” publishing project, rather than a movie.We spoke with Kristin at length about her involvement with the book and got some behind the scenes snippets to share with you.This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and brevity.’What ‘The High Republic’ Authors Have Done Is Allow Everyone To See Themselves Within One Of The

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