‘The Batman’ Shares the Box Office with a Surprise Hit: ‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’

This weekend is the two-year anniversary of when theaters closed and began the unprecedented disruption of a century-old business.

Its impact remains a work in progress, although positive signs continue: “The Batman” crossed the $300 million domestic mark in its third weekend.

That’s two days earlier than “Batman v Superman” in 2016, which opened $30 million higher, then ended up at $330 million.The Robert Pattinson reboot should easily pass $400 million in the U.S./Canada, with $800 million worldwide in sight.

(It just passed $600 million.) A strong hold, down only 45 percent, shows above-average word of mouth and perhaps signs of continued expansion of audiences returning to theaters.It also is helped by little competition.

Over the last three years, “Captain Marvel,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Zootopia” all opened this month to ultimate domestic grosses of over $300 million.The younger male audience that leads the return to theaters showed its strength with an

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