‘The Boy Behind the Door’ Review: Compact Terror Among Kidnapped Kids

You can’t fault the writing-directing duo of David Charbonier and Justin Powell for reckless overreaching: Their first feature, “The Djinn”, stirred terror around just one boy in an apartment.

Their second, which premiered at Fantastic Fest last fall, cautiously ups the ante to two boys and one whole house.

The Boy Behind the Door” is a more polished affair than its predecessor, with no supernatural aspect to the child endangerment this time.

But .

Shudder is adding the film to its streaming service July 29.After a brief, alarming prologue, we properly meet our protagonists in a moment of calm beforehand — two 12-year-old lads playing catch in a field en route to a Little League game.

When their ball rolls down an embankment, Kevin goes to retrieve it but does not return.

Bobby (Lonnie Chavis from “This Is Us”) eventually goes looking for him, which doesn’t end well for him either.

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