‘The Boys’ Season 3 to Include Episode Focused on ‘Herogasm’ Comic Arc

The Boys” has featured all manner of outrageous scenes throughout its two-season run, but an episode in the show’s upcoming third season is set to one-up everything that has come before.

Series showrunner Erik Kripke recently teased on Twitter that an episode in “The Boys” Season 3 will adapt the “Herogasm” comic book arc.The show’s adaptation will be based on “The Boys: Herogasm,” a six-issue spinoff of the original comic that satirized traditional superhero team-ups (think: “The Avengers”).

In the spinoff, various superheroes pretend to leave Earth to fight an alien threat but instead retreat to a an island resort to participate in a drug-fueled orgy.

Meanwhile, Hugie and Butcher infiltrate the island while working against Vought.Kripke teased that the “Herogasm” arc will be adapted in the sixth episode of Season 3 and will be written by Jessica Chou.

The tease marks one of the first major announcements

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