The Cinematic Double-Standard That Inspired Cannibal Holocaust

Ruggero Deodato’s 1980 gore flick “Holocaust-1980-movie-posters/”>Cannibal Holocaust” is one of those rare films that does not lose power with age.

Its extreme gore and rough, vérité style are so incredibly raw it landed Deodato in court under the suspicion that he had made a genuine snuff film.

This had been compounded by how the cast had — as a bit of a marketing stunt — signed contracts not to conduct any promotional interviews.

It wasn’t until Deodato was able to produce the “missing” cast members in court that he was exonerated.

It’s worth noting that “Holocaust” still contains documentary footage of animals being killed, so it’s still a difficult sit.

Indeed, “Holocaust” went on to be censored in many countries.

To this day, it is held up as a gold standard of extreme horror cinema.Deodato had previously directed several horror, peplum, and poliziotteschi movies, and he went on to make a dozen more,

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