‘The Crown’ Costumes: Conveying the Emotional Arcs for Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana

With the arrival of Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) and Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) in Season 4 of “The Crown,” Emmy-winning costume designer Amy Roberts had two powerhouse women to dress: Great Britain’s first female Prime Minister, who altered the political landscape with her ruthless commitment to deregulation as The Iron Lady, and the storybook princess who humanized the royal family by winning the hearts of her country and the world with grace and compassion.“Whatever you thought of her politics, what an extraordinary woman Thatcher was,” Roberts said.

“We deliberately put her in that vivid blue amongst those posh boy Tories.

She was still that same woman that we glimpse in flashbacks [at Somerville College, Oxford].

How remarkable she survived that, up to a point.

And what was so brilliant about that part of Diana’s story was that arc as a young, charming, naive, sort of ingénue thrown into the lion’s den.

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