The Crown Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: Video Killed the Monarchy’s Star

Episode 8 of The Crown Season 5 opens with a Board of Governors meeting at the BBC, where Director General John Birt (Nicholas Gleaves) has called the session to order.

The only problem? It’s technically not his to call.

And Big-Dick Board Chairman Duke John Hussey (Richard Cordery) makes a point to alert him so, making a bombastic show as he limps in late to the meeting.

It’s the first inclination of the power struggle at the BBC, where traditional leadership like Hussey want things to remain the same.

He celebrates the ten-year renewal of their royal charter and asserts that with it comes an implied mandate to stay the course.

The BBC should stick to its programming roots: to “inform, educate, and only then, entertain.” The younger Dg disagrees.

Birt understands that the BBC is old hat in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Its stodgy commitment to tradition is

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