The ‘Game of Thrones’ Books Prove That Jon Snow Deserved To Be Stabbed

After the controversial ending of the HBO series, the first rule of Game of Thrones is that we don’t talk about Game of Thrones.

The second rule is that anyone can die.

Fans’ heads rolled along with Ned Stark’s (Sean Bean) at the end of the first season, and there was always a Red Wedding or an Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) around the corner for viewers who grew too complacent.

When Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) time finally came, we watched in agony as Kit Harington spent a year lying to the public about the mystery surrounding his character’s death.

The Lord Commander’s body hadn’t even gone cold when the speculation about his return after the Season 5 finale.

Jon was one potential exception to this cardinal rule due to the convincing theories tied to his resurrection and secret identity as a Targaryen.

Viewers were so…