‘The Good Place’ : All the Bonzer References You May Have Missed in the Season 3 Premiere

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers from “The Good Place” Season 3, Episode 1, “Everything Is Bonzer!” For a non-spoilery read, check out IndieWire’s Season 3 review.]“The Good Place” may have returned for a third season with yet another rejiggered premise, but it still delivered its signature laughs, wordplay and of course, the Easter eggs endemic to the show.

The series is always worth a re-watch thanks to the background jokes, hilarious asides, and other sneaky bits of humor thrown in.In the two-part premiere, each of the four Bad Place experiment subjects have their lives reset at the point of their death so that Michael (Ted Danson) can prove to Judge Gen (Maya Rudolph) that given a second chance, they’d become good people.

When they all backslide though, he schemes to get them together so that they have the beneficial influence on each other that they had in the faux Good Place.Seeing as how “The Good Place

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