‘The Gray Man’ Review: The Russos’ 200 Million Netflix Blockbuster Is the Summer’s Blandest Movie

Good news for people who’ve always wanted to see the fake movies that Chris Evans’ “Scott Pilgrim vs.

the World” character — blowhard action star Lucas Lee — made before exploding into a pile of coins at the bottom of a Toronto staircase: Netflix just spent at least 200 million to shoot one for real.

Despite being adapted from Mark Greaney’s 2009 spy novel of the same name, “The Gray Man” feels like it was even more directly extrapolated from the poster for Lee’s blockbuster smash “You Just Don’t Exist,” which features a photo of Evans grimacing into a telephone above a tagline that reads: “Cole Hazard just got a call saying he has 89 minutes to live… from himself.”In fairness to Anthony and Joe Russo, whose post-“Avengers” output also includes directing one of 2021’s worst films (“Cherry”) and producing one of 2022’s best (“Everything Everywhere All at Once

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