‘The High Note’: Film Review

Dakota Johnson, with her sun-dazed smile and wary doe-eyed glow (the look of an innocent who knows how to thread her way through a world of predators), can be a winsomely appealing performer, but what is she doing in “The High Note” playing Maggie, the personal assistant to an imperious pop-star diva? It’s the kind of job that would toughen up anyone who’s had it for a week.

But Maggie, after three years of working for Grace Davis, a high-maintenance superstar from the ’90s played by Tracee Ellis Ross, still seems like a college student who won an internship.

She’s sweet, naive, and docile, even when the position requires her to be demanding.

She comes off more like an assistant to the assistant.Maggie lives in gobsmacked awe of Grace, who performs in sold-out arenas all over the world, even though she hasn’t put out a new album in a decade.

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