The It’s Always Sunny Gang Was Concerned By The Show’s Lack Of Backlash

No one on the planet could ever accuse “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” of being too politically correct, but when the series first debuted, the cast was worried that they hadn’t at least offended someone. The hit FX series, which has run for a record-breaking 16 seasons, has somehow managed to walk the fine line between being utterly offensive and totally hilarious, at least most of the time.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter back in 2013, the cast and creators revealed that they were initially concerned at the lack of backlash to their series because they worried it meant no one could possibly be watching.

After all, the first season featured episodes where characters faked cancer, tried to pick up women at an abortion rally, sold alcohol to minors as a business tactic, and more! The series has always been envelope-pushing in its comedy and really hasn’t let up in all of the years since,…

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