The Joker Would Have Been A One-And-Done-Batman Villain Had It Not Been For One Man

The Joker has basically become as iconic as Batman himself in modern culture.

These days, we’re seeing just as much of The Clown Prince of Crime as we are of the Dark Knight, with “Joker 2” recently wrapping production and a fresh approach to the character from Barry Keoghan, who showed up in a scene from Matt Reeves’ “Batman-1943-movie-posters/”>The Batman” and could likely return in “Batman-1943-movie-posters/”>The Batman: Part II.”Since Jack Nicholson’s Jack Napier transformed into the iconic Batman villain in Tim Burton’s “Batman” back in 1989, there have been several cinematic versions of The Joker, helping propel the character further into the public consciousness and raising his profile as an enduring pop culture figure.

Of course, The Joker’s history stretches much further back than the late-’80s.

The infamous rogue has been a mainstay in the comics for more than 80 years, where he’s been the focus of countless…

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