The ‘Mission: Impossible’ Movies Would Benefit From an M Character

In an era of filmmaking dominated by franchises, Mission: Impossible has been the most consistent in its standard of quality and financial success.

They are looked upon very favorably, almost unanimously, among critics and fans over the last decade since star and producer Tom Cruise has seemingly risked his life to make the movies as entertaining and show-stopping as possible.

For as impressive as all the practical stunts are, from the climbing of the Burj Khalifa in Ghost Protocol to the Halo jump in Fallout, the franchise has more or less evolved into a demonstration of Cruise’s testament to remain a movie star in a time when movie stardom has lost prominence.

A cohesive narrative arc and characterization is lacking in this series, but a certain character archetype has the potential to round out an already well-oiled machine of a franchise.

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