‘The Nevers’ Review: Joss Whedon’s HBO Fantasy Series Is Messy, Maddening — and Kind of a Hoot

The Nevers” never tells you what “the nevers” actually means.

Granted, only four episodes were screened for critics, so there could be a big reveal right around the corner, and creator Joss Whedon did put forth a rather high-sounding justification at Comic-Con 2018, but the impossibly plural root word never comes up in the show itself.

Such a deliberately perplexing choice is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to confusing elements made within Whedon’s first (and likely last) HBO series.For starters, it’s not Whedon’s series — not anymore.

Though the showrunner behind “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and writer-director of Marvel’s “The Avengers” penned and shot the pilot and keeps his creator credit on subsequent episodes, Whedon left “The Nevers” after production had wrapped, claiming he was “genuinely exhausted” from working through a pandemic.

(His departure also came soon after Warner Bros.

took “remedial steps

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