‘The Nun’ Delivers ‘Conjuring’ Franchise Record, $131 Million Global Debut

Warner Bros.

and New Line’s The Nun made good on expectations, setting a new franchise opening weekend record (both globally and domestically) and delivering the second largest September opening ever.

Meanwhile, Stx’s release of Peppermint delivered on expectations, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout became Tom Cruise’s highest grossing worldwide release of all-time, topping $725 million globally.

With an estimated $53.5 million, Warner Bros.’s release of New Line’s The Nun destroyed the previous franchise opening weekend record set by the very first The Conjuring at $41.8 million.

The debut is also the second largest September opening ever, topping the $48.4 million set by Hotel Transylvania 2 in 2015, while placing well behind the massive, $123.4 million opening for WB’s It just last year.

In fact, The Nun’s $53.5 million debut is also the second largest opening ever for an R-rated horror film, again placing behind WB’s It.

This is the fifth straight weekend Warner Bros.

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