‘The Power of The Dog’: Ari Wegner on Shooting the Vast Landscape and Human Nuance of Jane Campion’s Western

Cinematographer Ari Wegner is about to become a more familiar name in the film world, as the “Zola” Dp starts to rake in recognition for her contribution to Jane Campion’s “The Power of the Dog,” in selected theaters Nov.

17 and arriving on Netflix Dec.

1.Wegner has received the Toronto International Film Festival Variety Artisan Award and the Middleburg Film Festival Distinguished Cinematographer Award.

At the Middleburg, Va., fest, she sat down to talk with Variety about working with Campion.

“Jane is a visionary auteur [and] a deeply wonderful person whose ability to see the world in a boldly openhearted way is infused into her films as well as her filmmaking process,” says Wegner.More than a year before shooting, Wegner and Campion scouted locations and traded ideas.

“We looked at the exploration of the big and the small — in a vast landscape, the nuance of human interactions,” Wegner says.The

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