‘The Queen’s Gambit’: How Three Locations Were Transformed into the Series Most Memorable Sets

Even before “The Queen’s Gambit” showrunner Scott Frank considered shooting in Berlin, he knew he had found his first-choice for a production designer when he saw Uli Hanisch’s work in the 2017 German neo-noir television series “Babylon Berlin.”“Whenever you ask [Frank] now, he says ‘No, no, I came to Berlin because of the designer,’ but the real truth is it was a bit of both,” said Hanisch in an interview with IndieWire “You have to go where the locations are.”Berlin might not be the obvious choice to tell the period story of a midwestern chess prodigy, but East Berlin’s 1950s – 1980s architecture supplied the right mid-century modern style for various U.S.

cities of that era, as well as offered exciting options for the big international tournaments.“It has a lot to do with the history of Berlin and how we have the Western part — we have some classical architecture of course,

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