The Rock Is Michael Bay at His Most Michael Bay, and That’s Why It’s Great

In terms of quality of work, Michael Bay has always been at the forefront of scathing criticism.

Critics and even audiences have caught up to his over-reliance on explosions, over-the-top action, and downright sub-par filmmaking whose objective is to rake in the profits rather than to present something artistic and “auteur-cinema” worthy.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing if that’s his aim, but in a medium that has far surpassed the debates on whether it could be considered art, Bay has been, for some, the solitary example of what one shouldn’t represent in filmmaking.

However, there is a case to be made that even the most profit-driven filmmaker is more than capable of making something more than just a plain blockbuster, and his adrenaline-pumping, Alcatraz-based action flick The Rock exemplifies that “Bayhem” can be artistic if delivered on a calculated scale.

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