The Sandman Audiobook Is Better Than It Has Any Right To Be, Even With A Disappointing Act II

How do you adapt a graphic novel series like Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman“? It’s a question that has eluded Hollywood producers and filmmakers for decades — to the point of many declaring the acclaimed comic books to be unadaptable.

And for many years, that was true.

Until suddenly two years ago, a pair of adaptations of “The Sandman” finally sprung into being: a live-action Netflix series that was finally getting off the ground after years of gestating.

And …

an audiobook?The audiobook, when it was announced, raised more eyebrows than the live-action series, which had gone through…The post The Sandman Audiobook is Better Than It Has Any Right to Be, Even With a Disappointing Act II appeared first on /Film.

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