The Sandman Composer David Buckley Breaks Down Highlights From Season 1 [Spoiler Interview]

David Buckley didn’t want a traditional score for “Sandman-2021-movie-posters/”>The Sandman.” It’s an unconventional fantasy series about dreams, so why stay grounded to reality? Buckley wanted to create music that was beautiful, lush, and often strange and indescribable.

Most of all, he wanted to respect the audience.

He didn’t need to always shout at them with music to be excited, to be afraid, or to be wowed. It’s a graceful score from Buckley, who’s nothing if not versatile. He previously worked on “The Town,” “The Nice Guys,” “Nobody,” and CBS’ “Evil,” to name just a few of his many projects.

He’s scored plenty of action in his day, but with “Sandman,” beauty was the key word.

Recently, Buckley told us about his approach to the long-awaited Netflix series and scoring some standout moments in the first season.Note: Spoilers ahead.

This interview has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity.’Dream

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