The Sandman VFX Artists Break Down the Show’s Best Visual Effects

The road to a successful adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman-2021-movie-posters/”>The Sandman has been an especially long one — maybe not even a far cry from the number of years that Dream himself (Tom Sturridge) spent under lock and key, courtesy of Sir Roderick Burgess’ (Charles Dance) magically-binding prison.

An adaptation of the long-running DC Comics series languished in development hell for decades — it was initially a film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Morpheus, but once the medium eventually shifted from big to small screen, it was clear the story of The Sandman was much better suited for television, where it had both the time and space given to illustrating the spectacular world of the Dreaming and all other realms beyond.

Thanks in part to several VFX teams who were tapped to help render the much-loved characters and locations of Gaiman’s Sandman world, the Netflix series — which first premiered last month on August 5 — saw phenomenal returns,

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