‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ Writer-Director Aaron Sorkin on His Production Crew: ‘I Consider These People to be Co-Authors of the Film’

The Trial of the Chicago 7,” about protesters at the 1968 Democratic National Convention and the ensuing trial, features great work by writer-director Aaron Sorkin, who is quick to salute his below-the-line colleagues: “They’re not there to take my instructions; they’re there to top my instructions.

I consider these people to be co-authors of the film.”Alan Baumgarten, editor“In the opening seven minutes, we wanted to do two things.

One is to set the context of a nation coming off the rails, with temperatures rising on both sides.

I also wanted to introduce our main characters and show that they are four distinct groups.

Alan has a habit of making things look easy.When Alan and I were done with our first cut, there were three or four places where my heart sank; the dramatic impact wasn’t landing somehow.

With a few quarter turns of the screw,

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