The Truffle Hunters review – delicious documentary of men and their dogs

This touching film about the truffle hunters of Piedmont offers a glimpse into a timeless, secretive way of life – and the deep companionship at its core“Teaching the audience to see again.” That’s how co-director Michael Dweck has described his award-winning documentary The Truffle Hunters – and it’s a description that fits.

Set amid the hilly woodlands of the Piedmont region of Italy, this entrancingly low-key affair (whose numerous executive producers include Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino) leads us into a secretive world far removed from the globalised bustle of modern technology.

Here, we meet a disparate group of men whose closest relationships seem to be with their dogs as they search for the rare and tasty white truffles that embody their disappearing way of life.The tone is set by a lengthy opening long-shot – a slow zoom into rich green and yellow foliage amid which

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