‘The Walking Dead’ Review: ‘Squeeze’ Is Disturbing in More Ways Than One

“Squeeze” is a frustrating episode.

There’s a lot of good here, with an exciting, tense plot and some actual forward movement in the glacial Whisperer story, but it’s hard to give oneself over to the episode when the story hinges once again on Carol’s revenge-at-all-costs plot against Alpha.

And while the consequences of Carol’s recklessness this time are finally enough to drive a wedge between her and Daryl, it’s hard to shake the feeling that the show has spent the last year severely mishandling one of its strongest characters.But let’s first focus on what the episode does well.

The cave setting is a fresh one for “The Walking Dead,” and while the various obstacles encountered — dark pits, tight spaces, and various boogeymen leaping out of the dark — aren’t anything you haven’t seen in a cave-based adventure before, they’re handled with aplomb here.

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