Thinking the unthinkable: is Hollywood really going to make a sequel to Et?

Comments this week from Henry Thomas, who played Elliott in the 1982 hit, indicated that Et, wherever he is, just might be getting a call …Lord of the Rings is unfilmable; nobody will ever better Sean Connery in the role of James Bond; Top Gun will never get a sequel … a lot of unshakable Hollywood totems of received thinking have been rudely toppled by the march of time.

Could Et be next on the list of movies that you never expected would get a sequel but does?It’s still unlikely, honestly.

But you know the money men in Hollywood have got one eye on Top Gun: Maverick’s current 1bn global box office gross.

Given the original Top Gun, in 1986, managed less than half the greenbacks pulled in by Steven Spielberg’s junior sci-fi bromance in 1982, one can only imagine that a well put together followup might even challenge

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