This BBC Miniseries Is One of 2023’s Wildest Thrillers

Dark comedy, or comedy-horror, is one of British television’s strong points.

Misfits, Snuff Box, Jam, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace …

there are many a gem to have crawled out of the twisted and brilliant minds behind British late-night TV that make audiences question whether they should be appalled or enthralled by the Island’s unique brand of gallows humor.

It’s no surprise then, that 2023 brought us a grizzly psychological thriller in the form of Wolf: a shining example of that quintessentially British tone that falls between horrifying and hilarious.

Created by Megan Gallagher and adapted from the novel of the same name by author Mo Hayder, Wolf touts an impressive cast that includes both Iwan Rheon and Owen Teale of Game of Thrones fame.

If you’re looking for a darkly humorous, twisted, and grizzly thriller that coats itself in constant homages to classic horror, Wolf is likely right up your alley.

The only problem is that,…

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