This Forgotten Alexander Skarsgård Film Was a Bigger Hit Than You Remember

Alexander Skarsgård has more or less dominated television screens for the past decade.

Between his Emmy winning villainous turn in Big Little Lies, his quietly charismatic espionage agent in Little Drummer Girl, and his scene-stealing tech giant on Succession, Skarsgård is a true chameleon that embodies the “character actor in a leading man’s body” description perfectly.

On the film side, Skarsgård’s best work has tended to be in smaller, cutting edge genre projects that aren’t intended to be blockbusters.

As beautifully deranged as Infinity Pool, The Northman, Hold the Dark, Mute, The Hummingbird Project, and Melancholia are, they weren’t intended to launch Skarsgård as a leading man on the level of say Robert Downey Jr.

or Tom Cruise.

However, Skarsgård did star in one of the strangest box office sensations in recent memory when he appeared in 2016’s The Legend of Tarzan, a film that landed…