This Is Still Daryl and Carol’s Best ‘Walking Dead’ Moment

With The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon being released this week and the uncertainty around how much of an appearance Carol Peletier will actually make in the show, it is definitely about time we reminisce on our favorite Daryl-and-Carol moments.

Their distinct personalities always make for enjoyable interactions; Norman Reedus embodies the emotions of a rock as Daryl, and Melissa McBride switches between playful and deadpan as Carol.

From the moment Daryl handed Carol the Cherokee rose in Season 2, this blossoming friendship continued to capture our hearts in a myriad of ways: Carol’s teasing use of “pookie,” Daryl finding Carol barely alive in the prison, their teary reunion after Carol decimated Terminus and each time Daryl holds Carol after she loses a child.

Rather than listing these scenes (which could go on for hours), let’s draw our attention to one of the more meaningful and heartwarming Daryl-Carol exchanges in…

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