Three Movies Claim #1 VOD Slots and None Are Superhero Movies: Is This What Hope Feels Like?

Three new recent theatrical releases, two of which have grossed over 50 million, all of which were in this weekend’s theatrical Top Ten, share the #1 VOD chart spots among the listings we follow.

This rare split is accompanied by another never before seen occurrence that may never happen again.“The Lost City” (Paramount), “The Northman” (Focus), and “The Bad Guys” (Universal), all available to see for 19.99, split up the top spot.

That’s unusual.

But what is unprecedented is that only 11 films — one more than the bare minimum — made the charts.

And the odd film in did so because of one site’s 0.99 promotion.The three new releases pushed Sony out of the top spot after two months.

Since mid-March, either “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Uncharted,” both now 5.99, have led all charts except for one week at one site.Sony could easily top one or more chart again next week.

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