Thursday’s Widows Is The Netflix Series People Can’t Stop Binge-Watching

While movie studios are busy figuring out how to navigate the streaming era, Netflix is chugging along serving up all manner of forgotten oddities and hidden gems.

After a rocky 2022 that saw the company crack down on password sharing to boost subscriber numbers, the streaming giant is back to doing what it does best — providing the masses with a cavalcade of film and TV media that no single human could consume in a lifetime.This year, Netflix has already hosted a German thriller series that gained everyone’s attention, as well as bringing such overlooked greats as the Karl Urban-starring “Dredd” to a whole new audience.

Sometimes, the Netflix effect can be a bit baffling, such as when the abysmal Michael Fassbender thriller “The Snowman” started climbing the streamer’s charts.

Put simply, you never know what you’re going to get with Netflix, which is pretty much the case with the…

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