TikTok Star Austin Archer Joins Cast of Kevin Costner’s Epic Four-Part Western ‘Horizon’ (Exclusive)

Austin Archer, an actor, musician, comedian, podcaster and political commentator with over 1.3 million TikTok followers, has been cast in “Horizon,” Kevin Costner’s epic Western which is comprised of four films, Variety can confirm.Archer has already shot his scenes for the first and second film.“Horizon” is Costner’s first directorial effort since 2003’s “Open Range.” The film series is slated to span 15 years on the Western frontier, focusing on Indigenous groups and settlers.

Costner’s intention is for the films to come out every three months.“They’re all different films that all connect, so you’re watching a saga of these storylines that are happening,” Costner told Variety.In addition to his social media presence, Archer has appeared in films like 2020’s “The Night Clerk” and TV series like David Fincher’s “Mindhunter.”Archer spoke with Variety about his time on set with Costner and how social…

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