‘Tom & Jerry’ Is on HBO Max and It’s Still a Box-Office Hit

A year ago, if one film generated two-thirds of the weekend’s total business, that would mean it likely opened to over $75 million.

It would be a sign of a dominant film expected to soar, and a cue for other studios to get out of the way.

This weekend, the live-action/animated reboot “Tom & Jerry” hit those marks with $13.7 million, the second-highest opening since the pandemic shutdowns began.Here’s what makes that number truly impressive: As a Warner Bros.

title, it’s also showing for free at home for HBO Max subscribers.

(We don’t have any data on its streaming performance.) By comparison, “The Croods: A New Age” earned $14.3 million in its five-day opening weekend in late November, but it was a four-week theatrical exclusive.The most reasonable conclusion here isn’t that audiences prefer “Tom & Jerry” to “Croods 2,” which was a sequel to a

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