Tommy Shelby’s Hat In Peaky Blinders Isn’t Exactly Historically Accurate

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but not everything you see in movies or television shows — even historically-based ones — happens to be 100% true to life.

Shocking, I know.

Director Christopher Nolan invented the pivotal conversation by the water between J.

Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein in “Oppenheimer,” the racing movie “Gran Turismo” fudged some important real-life details (despite having “Based on a True Story” literally in its title!), and the acclaimed BBC show “Peaky Blinders” completely invented the character of Tommy Shelby, portrayed by actor Cillian Murphy.

If this information has given anyone severe trust issues from now on, I apologize.When it comes to the Steven Knight-created series in particular, that’s not where the divergences from fact-based, historical events end.

Savvy fans know that Knight and his writers pulled from all sorts of historical sources for events and especially major figures that factored into the story,…

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