Toni Collette Has Asked Intimacy Coordinators to Leave on Set: ‘They Weren’t Helping’

Toni Collette is addressing the role of intimacy coordinators on set.The Oscar-nominated star admitted that sometimes intimacy coordinators had made her “feel more anxious” at times during productions.

“I think it’s only been a couple of times where they’ve been brought in, and I have very much trusted and felt at ease with the people I was working with,” Collette told The Times UK of working with intimacy coordinators.“The Power” star continued, “It just felt like those people who were brought in to make me feel more at ease were actually making me feel more anxious.

They weren’t helping, so I asked them to leave.”Collette looked back on her earlier career, saying that intimacy coordinators (which are now an industry norm) bring a “new energy” to crews.“You never know what you’re going to get and it’s a miracle that a film ever comes together,

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