‘Train to Busan’ Sequel ‘Peninsula’ Scares Up $13 Million in South Korea

While the global box office may be crippled right now, one movie that brought a dose of hope to South Korean theaters this past weekend was Yeon Sang-ho’s “Peninsula.” The sequel to 2016’s cult favorite “Train to Busan,” the post-apocalyptic thriller earned $13 million at the South Korean box office, according to Deadline’s figures.

In Taiwan, a reported figure of at least $5 million was earned for “Peninsula,” with receipts in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

“Peninsula” also delivered IMAX a win this weekend, bringing global totals to $1 million for the first time since mid-March, which was the last time many moviegoers went to a theater.

$750,000 of the IMAX totals came from “Peninsula.” Stateside, “Peninsula” is currently dated to open from Well Go USA on August 7.The original “Train to Busan” netted $92 million at the global box office back in 2016, but continues to have a life on Netflix.

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