Travis Knight Could Depart ‘Uncharted’ Over Tom Holland’s Scheduling Conflict

Sony could be back to the drawing board with “Uncharted,” the studio’s long-in-development adaptation of the popular video game.Sources tell Variety that scheduling conflicts for Tom Holland, who is set to star in the movie alongside Mark Wahlberg, will delay the movie.

Holland will be filming the next “Spider-Man” sequel, and timing might make it impossible for director Travis Knight to stay on board the project.

Knight is likely to depart the film if “Uncharted” delays production.Sony had no comment.The studio still intends to push forward with the film and set a new release date as they look for a fresh director.

Both Holland and Wahlberg will remain attached.The schedule move is sudden as sources tell Variety that Sony was meeting talent for the female lead and villain.

Decisions on both parts will wait as they look to find a filmmaker first.Knight is

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