‘Trust’ Soundtrack: All the Best ’70s Tracks From FX’s Getty Drama

Sure, the new FX drama “Trust” is about the Getty family, the oil empire stuck at the center of a whirlwind saga that saw one of its own kidnapped for a stunning ransom.

But given that the first three episodes of the series were directed by Danny Boyle, the show is also definitely about music.Take the first sequence after the pilot’s short opening credits.

Pink Floyd’s “Money” (how can a show this focused on wealth not start with something so on-the-nose?) plays over a swooping shot through a Getty son’s estate.

When a model jumps into the pool, the music gets submerged too.

So, before we even get to crazy injections or zoo animals or splattered fowl or violence involving BBQ tools and severed body parts, “Trust” is a show concerned with its own soundtrack.And though there are other ubiquitous ’70s jams throughout Season 1 — kudos

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