TrustNordisk Unveils Trailer for Norwegian Disaster Movie ‘The North Sea,’ Sells Film for U.K. (Exclusive)

TrustNordisk has unveiled the trailer for “The North Sea,” the Norwegian disaster movie directed by John Andreas Andersen, and produced by the banner behind the Scandinavian blockbusters “The Quake” and “The Wave.”“The North Sea” was co-written by Harald Rosenløw Eeg, who also penned “The Quake” and “The Wave,” and Lars Gudmestad, whose credits include the Norwegian thriller “Headhunters.”The film opens on Christmas Eve in 1969 as the Norwegian government announces that the country is home to the world’s largest offshore oil platform following the discovery of the Ekofisk field.

The finding marks a turning point in the history of Norway and kicks off an unprecedented financial adventure.

The thriller explores the consequences of 50 years of offshore drilling by the Norwegian government.“The North Sea” stars Kristine Kujath Thorp (“Ninjababy”), Rolf Kristian Larsen (“Cold Prey”), Anders Baasmo Christiansen (“Kon-Tiki”), Bjørn Floberg (“Out Stealing Horses”) and Anneke von der Lippe

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