‘Undine’ Director Christian Petzold’s 7 Tips for a Successful Career

Few auteurs today have as consistent a track record as German director Christian Petzold, whose enviable output is on display on Mubi this month, hooked to the national release on over 50 screens of his ninth feature, “Undine”.

It’s the filmmaker’s second film starring the “Transit” duo of Franz Rogowski and Paula Beer, who won the 2020 Berlin Silver Bear as well as the European Film Award for Best Actress.

This time, Petzold twists an ancient mermaid myth into a visually stunning and romantic ecological message movie.

After the Berlinale, “Undine” played well in theaters in Germany just under the wire before Covid created a global lockdown.On a recent IndieWire Zoom from his book-filled office apartment in Berlin, where Petzold completed two pandemic scripts and went on a movie-watching spree as he recovered from Covid-19, he shared some views about how to make entertaining and provocative movies without being boring.

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