‘Venom 2’ Gets New ‘Carnage’-Friendly Title as Tom Hardy Film Pushed to Summer 2021

Sony Pictures has announced that the studio is delaying the release of its “Venom” sequel, pushing it from October 2020 to June 2021.

The sequel also now has an official title: “Venom: There Will Be Carnage.” Critics were not kind to the original 2018 comic book tentpole starring Tom Hardy as the notorious Spider-Man villain, but that did not stop it from being a worldwide smash hit with just over $850 million at the box office.Hardy is back in the title role, as is Michelle Williams as love interest Anne Weying.

The sequel pits Venom against Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson.

The actor first appeared as the flame-haired character in the “Venom” post-credits sequence.

Moonlight” Oscar nominee Naomie Harris is also a new addition as Shriek, Carnage’s love interest.

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