Ves Awards 2021: Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Sky’ and ‘Mank’ Take Top VFX Honors

George Clooney’s existential sci-fi drama, “The Midnight” Sky,” moved a step closer in the VFX Oscar race Tuesday, taking top honors at the 19th annual Ves Awards.

The Netflix film (with VFX by Framestore) also earned the model award for the Aether spacecraft.

Strangely, though, the unforgettable Ballet of Blood scene, containing simulated zero-g and remarkable liquid simulation, wasn’t even nominated, yet this highlight could prove decisive if “The Midnight Sky” wins the Oscar.But that’s a big if in this wide open race that also includes Christopher Nolan’s time-inverted “Tenet” (which is finally available on the Academy’s online voting portal) and dark horse “Love and Monsters,” with its terrific array of Ray Harryhausen-like creatures.

In the last four years, the Ves has only aligned with the Academy once (for “The Jungle Book”).

Then again, the Ves nod could be enough to put “The Midnight Sky

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