Warner Bros Approves Robert Pattinson For ‘The Batman’

Warner Bros has approved Robert Pattinson as the star of The Batman, the trilogy of films that Matt Reeves will direct later this year, Deadline hears.Pattinson has been considered a front runner because the filmmaker liked him, but the studio was torn between him and Nicholas Hoult, and wanted both of the actors on tape because this is such a big decision on a cornerstone Warner Bros DC franchise.

Those meetings happened yesterday, I’m told, and the decision was made.

Hoult, who starred in Tolkien and is about to reprise in X-Men: First Class, was impressive, but Pattinson will be the guy and negotiations will get underway any moment.

The film is produced by Dylan Clark, who produced Reeves’ Planet of the Apes films.

Expect an announcement imminently.Pattinson is a strong choice.

He certainly has been at the center of a zeitgest franchise before in Twilight Saga,

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