Warner Bros. Won’t Share ‘Tenet’ Box Office Data, Angering Rival Studios

People who closely follow box office earnings have noticed a surprising lack of transparency surrounding ticket sales for “Tenet,” the $200 million-budgeted sci-fi epic from director Christopher Nolan that released last weekend in U.S.

theaters.Since “Tenet” premiered, Warner Bros., the studio behind the film, has parceled out carefully selected breadcrumbs of data to reporters and rival studios.

Traditionally, studios share box office information on a daily basis.

That’s not the case with “Tenet.”Though it started playing in theaters on Thursday, Sept.

3, Warner Bros.

waited until Sunday, Sept.

6 to officially announce opening weekend grosses.

“Tenet” earned $20 million over the long weekend, a middling result for a film of its size.Industry observers presumed that Warner Bros.

wanted initial box office receipts for “Tenet” to look as robust as possible — and waiting until Sunday for the full weekend figure would make earnings sound stronger than they might if the

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