‘Werewolves Within’ Review: An Agile Horror-Comedy with a Sharp Bite Into Current Affairs

“Trespass and die,” reads an unneighborly sign glimpsed early in Josh Ruben’s agile, niftily directed whodunit “Werewolves Within.” While it specifically refers to some local’s private property, one could safely apply the warning to the whole snow-clad Vermont village that surrounds it.

Welcome to Beaverfield, a sleepy town chock-full of secrets, lies and ideological disparities you should only enter at your own peril.

But know that it’s a risk well worth taking, especially if Rian Johnson’s delectable caper “Knives Out” has recently scratched your itch for cozily inviting, steadily funny murder mysteries where the identity of the killer is anyone’s guess until the end.Along with his crafty screenwriter Mishna Wolff, Ruben constructs a similarly snug and entertaining world, one filled with wood-heavy interiors illuminated by crackling fireplaces and golden lanterns, where a group of terrified, booze-chugging Beaverfield dwellers has to wait out a snowstorm,

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