What Killed ‘Blonde’ at Netflix? The Gerard Butler Did It

Few Netflix originals have received as much advance press and social media attention than Andrew Dominik’s “Blonde,” his adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ novel about Marilyn Monroe starring Ana de Armas.

It would have been surprising had it not immediately risen to #1 on the streamer’s top 10 movie list — and it did.

That lasted three days.Facing critical backlash and less-than-stellar word of mouth, it’s now at #3.

To add to the ignominy, what replaced it was the Gerard Butler thriller “Last Seen Alive,” which had a brief run as a direct-to-vod release in May.In recent weeks, Netflix originals “Lou,” “End of the Road,” “Me Time,” Day Shift,” and “Look Both Ways” all spent more time atop its movie-watching chart.

Some had stars like Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Queen Latifah, and Jamie Foxx to elevate them.

De Armas is not the same boldface name, but her credits include “Knives Out,

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