What Pearl Adds to the Horror Legacy of The Wizard of Oz

In 2004, Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments ranked The Wizard of Oz at #86 on its countdown.

Among the miscellaneous talking heads, director Stuart Gordon and the Coors Light Twins agreed that the movie gave many children nightmares.

Before taking flight over the rainbow, a tornado swirls around the flat Kansas landscape.

The creepy costumed flying monkeys cluster in the sky to snatch up innocents.

And there’s a shrill, cackling green witch threatening to destroy the otherwise hopeful, whimsical tale.

It’s easy to see how the 1939 classic could birth an enduring horror legacy.

The timeless status to the 1939 movie gives it fuel to light ablaze a demented world.

Director Ti West’s Pearl (2022) uses elements from the 1939 classic to present a twisted homage.

Judy Garland’s Dorothy made friends along her magical journey.

Mia Goth’s Pearl destroys relationships as she descends into mayhem.

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