Where to Watch ‘Transfusion’: Showtimes and Digital Release Date

Australia has a rich history of crime thrillers.

It’s a genre of film that propelled Australian talents such as Eric Bana, Ben Mendelsohn, and Joel Edgerton to successful careers in Hollywood, with its gritty, violent, and even at times darkly humorous stories ripe with charismatic characters and absorbing filmmaking, successfully translating across the cultural divide to audiences across the globe.

Now comes a new addition to the canon in Transfusion (2023), a crime drama that tells the story of a former special forces operative named Ryan, who has found his once-idyllic life taken away from him when his wife Justine and their unborn child are killed in a car accident.

Still in the throes of grief and unable to relate with his delinquent teenage son Billy, a desperate Ryan is thrust into the criminal underground, alongside his former squad leader Johnny, to make ends meet and help whatever is left of his family survive.

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